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kNOwVAWdata course: call for sponsors

Sponsors have a unique opportunity to contribute to the collection of life-saving data on the prevalence of violence against women in countries throughout Asia and the Pacific. 

kNOwVAWdata’s landmark Course on the Measurement of Violence against Women hones the data literacy skills of practitioners, researchers, government representatives and others to measure violence against women reliably, ethically and comparably. With sponsors’ support, course participants will join a growing pool of violence against women data experts who are working to advance Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 for gender equality. 


To ensure effective action to reduce violence against women, it is important to include local professionals in the process—but many do not have sufficient budget for capacity development of this kind. Measuring violence against women needs to be done sensitively so local governments trust, value and use the data. By helping countries develop the skills and tools needed to collect and analyse their own data, sponsors enable and empower countries’ long-term capacity to monitor progress towards SDG 5 without reliance on external consultants.