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Use and Adaptation of kNOwVAWdata Course Curriculum & Facilitator Guidebook

This document provides helpful guidance on using the kNOwVAWdata Course on the Measurement of Violence against Women materials, making adaptations for local contexts, and acknowledging the course developers when using...

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kNOwVAWdata Online 2020/21 Course on the Measurement of Violence against Women flyer

This flyer provides details about the kNOwVAWdata Online Course on the Measurement of Violence against Women, offered in partnership with the University of Melbourne, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women...

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Violence Against Women - Regional Snapshot (2020) - kNOwVAWdata

2020 Asia-Pacific snapshot on the prevalence of violence against women

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Decision tree: Data Collection on Violence against Women and COVID-19

This decision tree helps organisations with gender-based violence programmes, national statistical offices, policymakers and researchers decide when and how to best collect data on women's experiences of violence ...

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State of World Population 2020 - Interactive Report

Every year, millions of girls are subjected to practices that harm them physically and emotionally, with the full knowledge and consent of their families, friends and communities. Such practices result in acute and...

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