International Consultant

An International Consultant (as Team Leader) for developing a policy discussion report on framework for comprehensive national policy on ageing for the period 2021-2030, vision to 2035

24 August 2018

Home-based and Ha Noi and/or relevant workshop venue

Under the UNFPA’s supported project VNM9P03 to the Government of Vietnam on Support Viet Nam agencies in providing and utilizing quality population and development data and evidence to develop and monitor socio-economic development policies, strategies and plans, and sustainable development goals in Viet Nam in the period 2017-2021”, UNFPA Country Office in Viet Nam is looking for a highly qualified and experienced international candidates for developing a policy discussion report to provide analysis and recommendations for Vietnam on a framework of national policy responding to ageing.

The consultant team consists of an International Consultant as a Team Leader, and two National Consultants as Team Members (one Team Researcher and one Team Assistant)

The consultancy will be a home-based and Ha Noi and/or relevant workshop venue.


Working duration: from 30 August 2018 to 15 November 2018