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kNOwVAWdata has updated knowledge products

kNOwVAWdata regularly produces and updates knowledge products about our work with violence against women prevalence surveys. These knowledge products aim to provide information to those wishing to learn how to measure violence against women data ethically, reliably and comparably.

Our library of kNOwVAWdata knowledge products includes the following:


kNOwVAWdata Project Overview

This regularly updated knowledge product provides context about why violence against women data is important to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), and how kNOwVAWdata is supporting countries in the Asia Pacific region to acheieve SDG 5 for gender equality and a world free of violence against women.

View kNOwVAWdata Project Overview


Violence against Women Regional Map

This annually updated data visualisation shows the prevalence and trends of violence against women in the Asia-Pacific region.



Six Golden Principles for Interviewing Women Who May Have Experienced Violence

Collecting quality and reliable data on violence against women through special surveys is crucial if we want to understand and end the scourge. Drawing on years of international experience, our UNFPA Asia-Pacific technical advisor on violence against women, Dr. Henriette Jansen, shares six golden principles for interviewing women who may have experienced violence.


Lessons Learned from the Implementation of a Violence against Women Survey in Palau

This document contains lessons learned from Umerang Imetengel’s experience as a research coordinator implementing the Belau Family Health and Safety Study in Palau, as documented in a series of interviews conducted after the data collection had been completed.

Sources of Violence against Women Data

This product describes various sources of violence against women data. Importantly it shows how administrative data, while having their utility as a source of information on violence against women, cannot provide an estimate of the prevalence of violence against women taking place within a population.

View Sources of Violence Against Women Data


Indicators on Violence against Women

kNOwVAWdata's overview of the Sustainable Development Goal indicators on violence against women.

View Indicators of Violence against Women


Key Terminology

kNOwVAWdata's explanation of commonly used terminology related to violence against women.

View Key terminology


Prevalence of Violence against Women Survey Methodologies

This product compares the different common approaches to measuring the prevalence of violence against women.

View Prevalence of Violence against Women Survey Methodologies


Measuring the Prevalence of Violence against Women with Disabilities

kNOwVAWdata, DFAT and UNFPA, together with the University of Melbourne, brought together national, regional and global experts to discuss what approaches should be taken to ensure that women with disabilities are better represented in national prevalence studies on violence against women. This summary of the meeting on 18 October 2017 includes a brief overview of the current situation and suggested ways forward for researchers, the kNOwVAWdata initiative and other regional and global initiatives to measure prevalence of violence against women with disabilities, and for relevant regional and national institutions (including statistics offices, women’s machineries and the disability sector).

View Measuring the Prevalence of Violence against Women with Disabilities