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Collecting reliable, comparable and comprehensive data measuring the prevalence, nature of and other factors associated with violence against women (VAW) is essential to ending this violence. VAW is an extremely sensitive topic that requires specialised research methods to ensure both the quality of the data collected and the safety of the researchers and interviewees. This document contains lessons learned from Umerang Imetengel’s experience as a research coordinator implementing the Belau Family Health and Safety Study in Palau, as documented in a series of interviews conducted after the data collection had been completed.

Umerang shares her experiences in establishing good partnerships with stakeholders, recruiting and managing an effective team of interviewers, preparing for and conducting the field work, and her plan for translating the results into action. All quotes and testimonials reflect Umerang’s own words. This document is designed to help other researchers interested in undertaking VAW surveys anticipate and address some of the challenges they may face.