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26 November 2018
Fighting violence against women: From data to action
The scope of gender-based violence remains largely unknown in many countries. Taboos surrounding sexual and domestic violence, a lack of available services, and fraught justice systems can prevent...
25 October 2018
Data literacy and storytelling at the UN World Data Forum
Investing in new systems, methods, and partnerships to build data supporting the Sustainable Development Goals is pointless if the resulting data is not used or questioned by those it aims to support.
17 October 2018
Opinion: How partnering with policymakers turns data into action / devex
"Time and again, we found that in situations where data was able to revolutionize institutions and behavior, and create real impact, policymakers were part of the conversation before the...
31 July 2018
Mongolia Wrestles With Violence Against Women / The Diplomat
In Mongolia, a pivotal national report on violence against women and a call for men to be allies.
14 June 2018
What Mongolia learned from its first gender-based violence survey / devex
Mongolia’s first nationwide survey on gender-based violence reveals high rates of violence against women across the East Asian country. One in 10 women experienced non-partner sexual violence before...
14 June 2018
The Guardian: "How the #MeToo movement came to Mongolia"
According to Mongolia’s first nation-wide survey on gender-based violence, released by the national statistics office and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), 31% of women say they have been subjected to...
15 August 2018
Dr Henriette Jansen, UNFPA - photo by Amanda Mustard
Thirty years ago, Henriette Jansen wouldn’t have guessed she would become a global authority on measuring violence against women. It was chance, Jansen said, that diverted her from that path into the...
21 June 2018
Women join hands to measure violence against women prevalence in Asia and the Pacific.
UNFPA, the University of Melbourne, ANROWS and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade launch kNOwVAWdata website and training course on measuring violence against women.
17 June 2018
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
In early 2017, around one-hundred women gathered in a hotel conference room in central Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. They had responded to a call to participate in a 'Women’s Health and Life...
19 October 2017
Women work as part of a violence against women data collection training
UNFPA, University of Melbourne, ANROWS & Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade collaborate to improve measurement of violence against women in Asia-Pacific.