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Greeting from UNFPA APRO! Please be informed that UNFPA APRO is conducting bidding for the establishment of a Long Term Agreement (LTA) in regards to the 'Provision of Videography and  Photography Services to UNFPA APRO OFFICE, Bangkok Thailand' and your company/organization is invited for this bidding. Attached herewith please find below documents for your reference.


1. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) Number: UNFPA/BKK/RFP/2020/001 in PDF format

2. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) Number: UNFPA/BKK/RFP/2020/001 in Microsoft Word format  


Bidders are asked to acknowledge receipt of this RFP using the Bid Confirmation Form SECTION VI – ANNEX A: BID CONFIRMATION FORM. A completed Form should be e-mailed to: Ms. Jarintorn Kiatniyomrung, Programme Admin Associate, email:  no later than Friday 24th April 2020 at 17:00 hours, Bangkok time. and indicate whether or not a Bid shall be submitted.  Bidders that will not submit a Bid are kindly asked to indicate the reason(s) for not bidding on the Bid Confirmation Form to help UNFPA improve its future Bid exercises.


Bidders may request clarifications no later than Friday 24th April 2020 (at 17:00 hours, Bangkok time.]


All Bids comprising of Technical and Financial parts should reach the below and corresponding addresses no later than Friday 8th May 2020 at 17:00 hours, Bangkok time].


a. If you choose to submit your Bid in hard copy, your Technical Bid and Financial Bid should be submitted in separate, sealed envelopes in accordance with clause 19.3 Submission of hard copy Bids, and should reach the following address:

United Nations Population Fund Asia and Pacific Regional Office (UNFPA APRO)

4th Floor United Nations Service Building, Rajdamnern Nok Avenue, Bangkok,10200 Thailand


b. f you choose to submit your Bid electronically, your Technical Bid and Financial Bid should be submitted in separate emails in accordance to clause 19.3 Submission of electronic Bids should reach the email inbox of Do not submit Bid documents to any other email address, sending the Bid to any other email address, including as a carbon copy (cc), will violate confidentiality and result in the invalidation of the Bid.