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UNFPA is in the process of identifying a potential implementing partner for the implementation of a project to strengthen regional and national capacities on health sector response to gender based violence (GBV) in Asia and the Pacific.

Although GBV has been accepted as a critical public health and clinical care issue, the critical role that the health system and health-care providers can play in terms of identification, assessment, treatment, crisis-intervention, documentation, referral and follow up is poorly understood or accepted within national health programmes and policies in various countries.

In particular, this initiative hopes to develop sustained capacity through an institution in rolling out regionally and nationally contexualised guidelines and tools to strengthen health sector response to GBV.

Those interested in participating in the process should send their expression of interest to with subject line “EOI on Health Sector Response to GBV” 

Submission deadline: 14 June 2021

Please see the attachment for more details.