Nauru Family Health and Support Study

An exploratory study on violence against women

Cover of Nauru Family Health and Support Study

No. of pages: 115

Publication date: October 2014

Author: Nauru Ministry of Home Affairs

ISBN: 978-982-520-056-7

The Nauru Family Health and Support Study aimed to obtain reliable information on violence against women (VAW), its characteristics, and consequences. Although the study initially sought to collect a nationally representative sample of women aged 15-64, due to a low response rate, its findings are derived from a reduced sample of eligible women in a small group of districts. The findings of this exploratory study, however, provide a preliminary understanding around VAW in the country and serve as a limited evidence base to create awareness campaigns and education programs around gender roles and VAW. This exploratory study also provides important learning for future quantitative studies on VAW in Nauru. The methodology of the study builds on the WHO Multi-Country Study on Women’s Health and Domestic Violence Against Women, which combines quantitative and qualitative components and adheres to international ethical and safety standards.