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By Dr. Vinit Sharma, UNFPA Asia-Pacific Regional Technical Advisor for Reproductive Health and Family Planning


this bountiful earth by birth, is my home,

the world’s a family, and unequal is none

why rule, regulate or restrain my frame

when life is a gift, and my body my own.


the dawn of life…

the body is but a reward divine

to “know Thyself” is a duty of mine

preach various beliefs in different ways

why knowing my frame some folks abrades

can someone help to clear this haze?

all faiths and doctrines encourage love

amour is divine and full of praise

how can loving be immoral then

can someone help to cross  this maze?

education informs, information reforms

into a higher realm it transforms

how can insight be a crime

can someone help to clear this craze?


the noon phase…

life is priceless, our body a shrine

a precious gift from the Divine.

she brings forth, she feeds

she fulfills all, meets our needs

she protects, from perils she shields

she teaches, she actively heals

why then should she suffer and die

during such auspicious ordeals

healthy mothers with a smiling face

bring abundant joy and immense solace

life without a mother is surely curst

lest one forgets, mothers come first.


the sunset years…

love knows no boundaries, love knows no cage

love is cherished, prized at every stage

bubbling in youth and maturing with age

love relaxes and soothes during the sunset phase.

the road is bumpy with many a bend

and the milestone indicates a nearing end

a bumpy ride since the last rest

it surely is time to pause and reflect

let age not hinder nor affect

grant the aged their due respect



the world is akin to a mirror plain

merely reflecting what faces the vitrine

a simple truth, nothing arcane

with no kings nor kingdoms or any reign

let us project joys and mutual gain

in an equal world devoid of pain

healthy lives with no strain

on a shining, joyous colorful pane.