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Message on International Women’s Day: Beijing at 20

During the past 20 years, we have witnessed remarkable advances in promoting the human rights and dignity of women and girls and their full and equal participation in society. more

Going the last mile to provide family planning in Lao PDR

VIENTIANE, Lao People's Democratic Republic – “If only my wife and I knew early enough about family planning and could access services, we would have had four children – not 14, as we did,” said Bounthone Kongphongma, 56, in the remote village of Lao Luang. Six of those children died, and the other eight suffered “because life was so hard,” he said. more

UN, Malaysia Groups Seek to Repeal Fatwa Requiring FGM

BANGKOK, Thailand (VOA) — In 2009, Malaysia's National Fatwa Committee, the nation's top Islamic council, required all Muslim women in the country to undergo female genital mutilation, otherwise known as female circumcision. more

Professional midwives set to improve maternal and child health in Bangladesh

DINAJPUR, Bangladesh - The stairwells of the Dinajpur Nursing Institute are bustling with midwives-in-training hurrying to their classes in this northern district of Bangladesh. They are among more than a thousand young women currently enrolled in a new UNFPA-supported programme that will see professionally trained midwives enter the health care system for the first time in 2015. more

Midwives help lower Afghanistan's towering maternal death rate

KABUL, Afghanistan – Boosting the ranks of midwives has helped to lower Afghanistan’s towering maternal and newborn death rates, a new report shows. Decades of grinding conflict and repressive attitudes towards women had led to enormous maternal and infant death rates. To help reverse this trend, UNFPA and partner organizations sought to strengthen midwifery services – both in hospitals and in rural communities. more
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UNFPA: Sexual Health for Young People - Let's Make it Happen!

In the Asia-Pacific region, there are over 6 million adolescent pregnancies each year; nearly 4 million unsafe abortions among young women, and half a million young people living with HIV. What can we do to ensure young people have better sexual and reproductive lives?
EMER VDO w130.jpg
2:49 min. January 2014
UNFPA's Humanitarian Response in Asia and the Pacific

UNFPA works to meet the needs of women and girls affected by crises, promoting safe motherhood, addressing sexual violence and preventing unwanted pregnancies, as well as helping countries prepare for future humanitarian emergencies.

Youth issues VDO w130.jpg
2:45 min. January 2014
UNFPA: Creating a Better World for Young People

Young people face many challenges such as lack of access to education, poor working conditions, ill-health and violations of their human rights.

Keeping women safe w130.jpg
5:36 min. December 2013
Keeping Displaced Women Safe and Healthy

Tens of thousands of Philippine women and girls made homeless by Typhoon Haiyan. UNFPA is providing reproductive health care and working to prevent gender-based violence

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