Ifugao women traditionally have given birth at home, where labour complications can be fatal. But childbirth is becoming safer with the establishment of community birthing centres run by skilled midwives.


Filipino lawmakers debate a reproductive health bill that would require the government to distribute modern contraceptives. More than half of the 3.4 million pregnancies happening in the Philippines each year are unintended.


In the Asia-Pacific region, there are over 6 million adolescent pregnancies each year; nearly 4 million unsafe abortions among young women, and half a million young people living with HIV. What can we do to ensure young people have better sexual and reproductive lives?


Young people face many challenges such as lack of access to education, poor working conditions, ill-health and violations of their human rights. Yet they can be a strong force if they are empowered. Let's work together with young people to empower them to claim their rights to a better life.