CSR Asia Summit 2017 with UNFPA side-event on population ageing

Bangkok, Thailand

An older woman in Myanmar's Wa Region. Photo: UNFPA Myanmar

In September 2017, 450 senior business executives, and thought leaders from the public sector and civil society will meet in Bangkok.

The theme for this year's CSR Asia Summit – future proofing sustainable business – will explore how companies are recognizing that there are measureable benefits associated with having a sound sustainability strategy. To leverage this strategy companies need to move from being reactive to proactive. Although the future is uncertain, businesses realize that they will need to contribute to the challenges associated with sustainable development. To do so means engaging with global challenges and making a contribution to development in line with core business activities.

UNFPA Asia-Pacific is hosting a side-event at CSR Asia 2017: "Asia's ageing mega-trend: Big challenges, big opportunities."

Asia and the Pacific could soon be home to the world's largest number of elderly people, with an elderly population projected to reach 1.3 billion by 2050. This poses significant socio-economic and political implications for governments and societies. But it also presents innovative businesses with a host of new opportunities if they can turn this challenge on its head.

This session will explore current ageing demographics as well as policies and workforce issues across the region. Businesses will present practical case studies as to how they are seeking to adapt more effectively by managing and leveraging opportunity - and, in the process, changing mindsets by re-defining what population ageing means today.

Join UNFPA Asia-Pacific at CSR Asia 2017.  More details: http://www.csr-asia.com/summit2017/about.html